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April 07, 2016

'The Chandelier'

She stood silently in the corner
But the Chandelier saw her
Gently he called her
Come into my light
You look beautiful tonight
Why had she come, she could run
No she would stay, perhaps he'd pass this way
Splendid in her gown, she knew she wore no crown

Then behind her, a voice came to remind her
"Don't take all day, you're here to work not play"
She wasn't a schemer, only a dreamer
Perhaps she'd live one day
In such a splendid way

She moved into the light, an amazing
Beautiful sight
Her eyes shining bright
Her dress far to tight

She walked with a swagger
Her heart didn't matter
She brought light
To this old man tonight

The music played the people gazed
She felt quite dazed
Her name they shamed
"The scullery maid"

By Valerie Heney

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