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Star Wars fans will no doubt remember the incredible scenes filmed on the magical Skellig Island. The island gave us a glimpse into the lives of the monks, who lived in complete isolation from the mainland. The impresive artefacts on the island prompted the island to be added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Access to the Skelligs is by ferry from the town of Portmagee. May to September (weather permitting). The trip takes approximately 45 minutes. The surrounding area is also well worth a visit. The Skellig Ring (part of the greater Ring of Kerry route) runs along the coast and offers fabulous views of the Atlantic and the Skellig Islands. For more information on the Skelligs, gives good information.
Ireland is enjoying another visit from the Star Wars intergalactic guests. Amid tight security, the latest Star Wars movie is being filmed on Malin Head. Malin Head is a major focal point of the Wild Atlantic Way, It is the country's most northerly point. The whole of Inishowen is like a beautiful hidden gem. It has breathtaking beauty. It is largely cut off from the rest of Donegal.
This weekend saw excitement mounting up when the narrow winding road became subject to heavy traffic. The space-ship construction sits looking rather out of harmony with it surroundings.
Donegal is a county of spectacular beauty and landscape. Neighbouring Derry is a county of mountains and valleys.
Ireland is an island of spectacular beauty, rich in history. Its culture and traditions are as varied as its landscape. From festivals to sports, music and dance. It has kept its culture alive. If you are planning a visit, its worthwhile to look up its tourist site 'Failte Ireland'. You will find many interesting highlights. Take for instance the 'Traditional Music Festival', which takes place annually at Deadue, County Roscommon. We also have the famous 'Feile Chois Cuai', festival at Louisburge, County Mayo. It celebrates traditional music, song and dance.
And sure if it rains, which it will no doubt, theres always a warm pub with a welcome glass of Guinness or Irish whiskey. Followed by a meal of 'Irish Stew' with a slice or two of warm 'Soda Bread'.
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