Irish Barn Owl.

The Barn Owl is a farmland bird which has undergone a documented decline in its geographical range in recent times.

These owls are very easy to recognize. They are a honey color on top and very white underneath, with a beautiful heart-shaped face and long legs.

Unlike the long-eared owl and the short-eared owl, the barn owl has no ear tufts at all.

The barn owl prefers to live near woodlands where it will find prey. It especially likes farmlands because it can feed on the crops and stored animal feed.

Usually, you will see them during dusk when they are busy hunting for mice, rats, frogs and even small birds for dinner.

Barn owls are home creatures and only hunt within twenty acres of their roost, or nest. Often, they will stay with their partner for life.

The Irish National Barn Owl Survey, by BirdWatch Ireland recently estimated the population at approximately only  300 – 400 pairs. 

Photo by Calvin Jones

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