Irish coffee recipe

Irish Coffee Recipe

Its delicious and its certainly guaranteed to warm your bones. The famous classic Irish coffee is also simple to make. Here is classic Irish coffee recipe.


  • six ounces of hot, fresh brewed coffee
  • 1 teaspoon of brown sugar for sweetness
  • 1 ½ ounces of your favorite Irish whiskey
  • heavy cream


 Using the heavy cream, whip it until it becomes whipped cream. You can add sugar to sweeten. Place into the refrigerator to chill.
Once your fresh coffee is brewed, combine it with the whiskey and sugar. Mix it well until the sugar dissolves. Take the whipped cream out and place it on top of the Irish coffee mixture. Pour the whip cream over the back of a spoon to help the cream float rather sink into the coffee mixture.
So simple and you have in your hands your first homemade Irish coffee recipe.
Story of Irish Coffee
Irish Coffee is internationally famous and a favourite after dinner drink throughout the world. It was invented at Foynes, a small town in the West of Ireland, and compared to Irish whiskey, its history is relatively recent.
Foynes was an airbase near Limerick, in fact it was the main airport for Flying Boats between America and Europe. By 1940, the airport was handling many passengers, including many American VIP's from the world of politics and Hollywood. Weather conditions along the West coast of Ireland could be notoriously bad, and often what was supposed to be a short stopover for the plane to refuel turned into an overnight stay.
In 1942 a new restaurant opened, and had the task of catering for the many important passengers passing through Foynes.

One winter night, in 1942, a flight left Foynes for Botwood in Newfoundland and then on to New York. After several hours of battling a storm, the pilot was forced to turn back to Foynes .  The restaurant was informed to prepare food and drink, for the cold and tired passengers.

Joe Sheridan decided to prepare something really special to warm the passengers up. He brewed dark, rich coffee, added in some Irish whiskey, a little brown sugar and floated freshly whipped cream on top of each cup. The story goes that there was a hushed silence as people drank this brew for the first time. "Hey Buddy," said a surprised American passenger, "is this Brazilian coffee?" "No," said Joe, "that's Irish Coffee."

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