Ireland's Gold Rush


Ireland is a beautiful island. Known for it's forty shades of green. Rolling soft green hills. Beautiful woodlands, it's history, it's music and it's friendly welcome. An interesting part of Ireland's history, is its first and only Gold Rush!
In a small corner of Ireland, in one of it's most beautiful Counties, County Wicklow also known as the ' Garden of Ireland' in seventeen ninety five an interesting event happened.
Some years earlier small quantities of gold were found in the local mountain stream. But in seventeen ninety five, a piece of gold weighing about half an ounce was found. The news of this circulated among the local people, who left what they were doing to pursue a dream of instant wealth.
Altogether, about 9000 ounces (approx) of gold was extracted from the region. Many pieces weighed between two and three ounces and one of five ounces, and one of twenty-two ounces. The government soon took control. Alas, the amount of gold found after the initial rush amounted to a little, and the works were eventually discontinued.
Although the Gold Rush may have ended, the region holds something more valuable than gold, its the beauty and history of the area. In the scenic vale of Avoca, two rivers join forces. Here, woods tumble down towards banks where the River Avonmoore mingles with the Avonbeg to form the Avoca River.
Its sheer beauty and tranquility inspired the poet Thomas Moore. Moore spend many hours composing poems and songs under a tree here. Listening to the sounds of nature. (Just close your eyes for a moment and imagine, being there, listening to the sound of the river flowing, the sounds of birds singing, wind whistling through the leaves).
Interestingly, many towns and mountains have gold in their titles e.g. Slieve-an-ore (Mountain of the Gold). Tullynore (Tully-an-ore) (Little Hill of the Gold). Lug-an-ore (Hollow of the Gold) and Glan-an-ore (Glen of the Gold).
Where to find gold in Ireland today.
There are several gold mining companies currently in operation in Ireland. They are currently centered around 2 general areas. These are in Tyrone in Northern Ireland and the Wicklow/Wexford border in Southern Ireland. Although gold can be found in many rivers and streams throughout the country in varying quantities.
So if you are coming to Ireland, why not chat to our many Irish jewellery designers, what about a gold claddagh ring for your wedding. Or why not bring your loved one to this beautiful Island. Perhaps even proposing at the beautiful Vale of Avoca.
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