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In 1822 German mineralogist Fredrich Mohs composed a scale detailing the hardness of gemstones. The scale details 10 minerals ranked in order of their ability to visibly scratch one other. Position 1 is the softest and 10 is the hardest. 

Diamond is positioned at 10 and is infact many times more durable than any other gemstone. This is because diamond is held together by by extremely strong chemical bonds.


1. Talc

2. Gypsum

3. Calcite

4. Flourite

5. Apatite

6. Orthoclase

7. Quartz

8. Topaz

9. Corundum

10. Diamond 

Gemstone selection plays an important role in making my claddagh jewelry, we must strike the right balance between design when displaying a gemstone in a setting to its full visible potential whilst at the same time keeping in mind the need to protect and not over exposed beautiful but delicate gemstones to all the elements involved in the modern lifestyle of it's wearer.

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