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5 top Irish claddagh ring makers

1. Irish Jewelry Design.  

Crafting claddagh rings in Dame Street, Dublin. Here you will find some of the best gemstones used in the claddagh ring craft. Irish Jewelry Design also specializes in top quality diamond and platinum claddagh rings.

claddagh ring on cliffs of moher

2. Shanore 

Founded in 1979. Shanore claddagh rings have very beautiful styling. Only the finest materials are acceptable to keep the integrity in their designs. They were delight to team with Swarovski, adding luxury and sparkle. These crystals, precious metals and Celtic symbols are a union made from above.

Irish claddagh ring


3. Solvar

Solvar is an award-winning jewellery manufacturer that has been crafting Irish jewellery since 1941. They are a third-generation, family-run, Irish business that combines their passion for Ireland with their love of jewellery. Since their humble beginnings on No. 10 Harcourt Street, Solvar has grown to a 50 strong company, exporting beautiful Irish jewellery worldwide.

Each piece of Solvar jewellery is individually designed, drawing inspiration from Ireland’s rich heritage and unique icons such as the Claddagh, the Celtic Knot, the Shamrock, the Harp and the Celtic Cross. Solvar's master designers have carefully crafted these icons into timeless pieces of jewellery to continue this rich cultural legacy. They design and create their Celtic and Irish inspired jewellery pieces with love and care in Dublin.

diamond claddagh ring

4. Claddagh Design 

The founder of Claddagh Design is Eileen Moylan, an award-winning Irish jewelry designer, silver and goldsmith. For over two decades, she has been transforming silver and gold ideas into fine Irish jewelry from her workshop in the south of Ireland.

Eileen draws inspiration from the craftsmanship of Ireland's past and explores historic Irish symbols through her contemporary jewelry collection. By combining modern design principles with traditional techniques, she transforms precious metals into timeless creations.

gold claddagh ring

4. Fallers

In 1963 John F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy visited Galway and were presented by Fallers with a pair of Claddagh rings. Following the Kennedy visit, Galway and indeed Ireland became a prime tourist destination with a reputation for fine craft. 

womens claddagh ring

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