claddagh workshop

Barrel polishing machines in my claddagh workshop.

These are great machines. Some claddagh ring makers may prefer to use one or the other, but I use both.

The centrifugal polisher is great for burnishing and hardening the claddagh ring metal. The magnetic polisher is best for polishing tight hard to reach places on the ring. 

Centrifugal steel pin barrel polishers and magnetic spinning polishers are specialized tools used in the jewelry manufacturing industry to polish and finish small metal components. Both types of machines use rotational motion to polish the surface of the metal, resulting in a smooth, shiny finish.

A centrifugal steel pin barrel polisher works by placing the metal components inside a spinning barrel filled with small steel pins. As the barrel rotates, the steel pins come into contact with the surface of the metal, buffing and polishing it to a smooth finish. The speed and duration of the polishing process can be adjusted to suit the specific needs of the project, allowing the user to achieve the desired level of polish.

A magnetic spinning polisher, on the other hand, uses a magnet to hold the metal components in place while they are spun at high speeds. As the components rotate, they come into contact with a polishing compound, which removes any surface imperfections and produces a shiny finish.

Both centrifugal steel pin barrel polishers and magnetic spinning polishers are popular choices for jewelry manufacturers due to their efficiency and versatility. These machines can be used on a wide variety of metals, including gold, silver, and platinum, and can be adjusted to produce different levels of polish depending on the needs of the project.

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