Claddagh blog - Traditional Celtic craft

July 05, 2016

Claddagh blog - Traditional Celtic craft

Irish Jewelry maker

Many of the methods for making Claddagh rings have not changed since ancient times. The craft process is still a discipline of traditional jewelry making skills. Hand tools are still used for forming and engraving the precious metals into fine quality Celtic jewelry.

The above picture is an overview of my workbench. Very little has changed since my days as an apprentice jeweller.

A modern tool which I now use is one of the reasons my Claddagh rings have maintained the reputation of being of the finest quality is the use of powerful microscope lenses to check the detail quality of my finished Claddagh rings and also to carefully select the best gemstones and diamonds before setting them into these authentic claddaghs.

My manufacture process is longer and more painstaking than most but it gives me the confidence to guarantee the quality of my traditional craft.

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