Claddagh ring poem - Remembrance of a Loved One

I have just like many others have experienced a terrible bereavement recently and I rarely speak about it. Grief is so hard to explain out loud. 

I hope this claddagh poem can provide some comforting words to anyone in the same position. 

Remembrance of a Loved One by IJD


I miss your bright blue eyes

That shone like sapphires in the sky

But now they're closed and you're not here

Leaving me with nothing but a tear


I wear a blue sapphire ring

A symbol of the love we shared

A claddagh to remind me of you

And the way you always cared


But now you're gone and I'm alone

With nothing but a memory

Of all the love and joy we shared

Now just a distant dream for me


Though you may be gone, my love

Your spirit lives on in my heart

I'll hold on tight to all we had

And keep you close, even though we're apart.

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