opal claddagh ring

Crafting Claddagh Rings.

This year I have produced many new claddagh ring designs. It is important to me that the craft of Irish claddagh rings continues into the future and therefore it is so important to release new designs and styles. 

One of my favorite design elements is the addition of gemstones to add unique touches to the claddagh rings. 

My favorite gems this year have been moonstones and opals. Both are beautiful iridescent gemstones. Each opal is unique and this adds such a personal touch to the opal claddagh ring

Moonstones have a beautiful blue iridescence and are very strong gemstones making them suitable for everyday wear. For this reason the moonstone claddagh ring is also a person favorite this year. 

My focus is on ethical hand craft and I all my gemstones are purchased from responsible long established European gem dealers. 

opal claddagh ring

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