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Getting engaged is a very exciting and important time in one's life. The ring holds a very emotional and romantic significance . It is an expression of love. It is a statement of your personal style. Your taste.
As a couple walks into the Jewellers it is good to have certain facts in mind. What style? will you go for a classic style or what is coming on trend for 2017. Of course price is a big factor for many couples.
When Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with his mother's 18-carat sapphire engagement ring, this style soared in popularity. Now its Pippa Middleton's turn to strongly influence your important purchase. Her design is an art deco-inspired ring, asscher-cut diamonds (an octagonal shape with a deep cut dating back to 1908).
Some jewellers predict that 2017 will see what they describe as "back to basics" a classic platinum solitaire ring. Rose gold was popular for the last two years but yellow gold is beginning to take over.
The halo setting (a large centre stone surrounded by smaller stones) has dominated the market in recent years, and is still going strong. Three and four-stone rings are set to rise in popularity. They look very flattering on people's hands, a beautiful flash of diamonds across your finger.
Diamonds' enduring popularity is due to the fact they are the hardest stone known to man, followed by rubies and sapphires. If your dream ring is an emerald, opal or pearl. Please reconsider, they are not suitable for an engagement ring because they're not hard enough.
A strong Instagram trend has been to create a signature look by stacking, combining different metals and jewels on their fingers.
An engagement ring phrase is 'wed-fit'. This means that the setting will fit neatly against the wedding band with no gap.
Yet for all that, certain principles about engagement ring purchasing remain. When looking at diamonds, the four Cs are essential; cut, referring to the stone's reflective qualities; clarity, as the less blemishes, the more valuable the diamond; carat and colour, with the closer the diamond is to colourless, the rarer it is, in a grading scale that goes from D to Z, and D, E and F being the most valuable.

Claddagh rings are a very popular engagement and wedding ring style.

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