Puffin bird, Great Saltee Island, Ireland

Great Saltee Island, Ireland.

This weekend I visited The Great Saltee Island, located off of Kilmore Quay, is an amazing place to view wild birds nesting. Puffin birds visit this Island through April, May and June. 

The Island is a beautiful natural place with rugged coast line and is just alive with the sounds of bird calls and the calming sound of the water washing against the rocks.


Visits take place via a 20 minute Ferry from Kilmore Quay. The Ferry only takes 12 people at a time so its very relaxed and you will surely get chatting to other passengers and the crew are very friendly also. I spent a bit of time chatting with them in the wheel house on the way and learned some history of the Island.

There is no jetty on the Island so you will be required to perform a wet landing on the island. So be prepared pull up your trouser legs, remove your boots and wade in a bit through the clear sea water and tickling seaweed. This infact adds to the fun and sets the scene for the spirit of adventure in exploring the wild coastline. 

A good pair of waterproof hiking boots is recommended as I did witness a person loose their shoe in the mud paths. 

There are also Seal colonies on the Islands shore and whilst I was sitting on the beach a group of eight Seals swam right up to the waters edge and seemed observed me with some interest for several minutes before swimming off together. 

Bring snacks and be prepared for weather. If you are hoping to get some breathtaking views and some incredible wildlife pics then you are guaranteed to find them on the Great Saltee Island. 


The Island also has some interesting history as a former Pirate Island. But I will leave some interesting facts for you to discover for yourself on your own adventure.

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