iphone 14 pro review. iphone camera review.

So I just bought the new iphone 14 pro in the hope of using it to take excellent claddagh ring pictures and videos. 

I read other online reviews of the iphone 14 pro and believed that it would be a good camera. It was hyped as a large step forward in iphone cameras.

However, It is not, it is in my opinion basically not great at micro photography and videos. I am very experienced with iphones and very experienced with jewelry photography. For jewelry photography and videos the iphone 14 pro would not be a viable option for me. Its ok but only ok. 

I have calibrated the iphone camera settings to it peak performance settings but still it is not up to standard in my opinion. 

In my opinion the iphone 14 pro is useful for general use as a personal leisure phone for portrait pictures etc. 

The camera is not good enough for detailed jewelry product pictures. 

I would advise anyone to skip the 14 and wait for potentially better upgraded cameras in the 15.

The Samsung 22 ultra would most likely be a better investment for anyone hoping to take detailed product shots.

At approx 1700 euro you do not even receive a charger plug in the box. 

It is a very disappointing release from Apple. 



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