Ireland's History in the EU. 1950 to 1973

Ireland EU
May 1950 sees the Schuman Declaration pooling the Franco-German coal and steel industries.
In September 1950 Ireland signed the European Payments Union Agreement
April of 1951 France, West Germany, Italy , Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg sign the Treaty of Paris creating the ECSC, the European Coal and steel Community which comes into existence in February 1953.
June 1955 The Messina Conference agrees to progress free trade between the members of the ECSC by removing tariffs and quotas. In this year Ireland is admitted into the United Nations.
In May of 1956 negotiations open between the members to establish the EEC ( European Economic Community) and also the European Atomic Energy Community.
The first steps to establish the common market commence at the Treaties of Rome in March 1957. In August Ireland joins the IMF and World bank.
The EEC and EURATOM are founded in January 1958 and in November the Irish Oireachtas recognizes the The Programme for Economic Expansion.
1961 Ireland applies for membership of the EEC. This year Britain and Denmark also apply. By October the EC announces negotiations for Ireland to become a full member of the EEC.
August 1963 Ireland announces a second Programme for Economic Expansion. DeGaulle vetoes Britain's EEC application. Ireland application also stalls.
In December 1965 the Anglo-Irish Free Trade Agreement is signed. In this year in Brussels the Merger Treaty combines the ECSC, EEC and EURATOM into the European Communities, the EC.
May of 1967 Ireland, Britain, Denmark and Norway apply for EC membership.
Britain is vetoed by de Gaulle and Irelands application is denied.
At the 1969 Hague Summit reaffirms the agreement of the Six to the enlargement ofthe Communities.
1969 sees the outbreak of the troubles in Northern Ireland.
EC formal negotiations begin with Ireland in 1970 and In Ireland the referendum on EC memberships in passed by majority. Ireland, Denmark, Norway and the United Kingdom sign the Treaties for Assession to the EC.
In 1973 Ireland formally joins the EC with Britain and Denmark.
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