connemara claddagh poem

Irish Poem - The Claddagh of Connemara.

The Connemara Claddagh by IJD.


In the wilds of Connemara, by the sea

Where the waves crash against the shore

There stands a symbol of love, loyalty

The Claddagh, forevermore


With hands that hold a heart, crowned with grace

It tells a story of love and care

Of how two hearts can beat as one in this place

In the wilds of Connemara, so fair


The ring, it represents the bond we share

A symbol of love, strong and true

And as we gaze upon the Claddagh, out there

We're reminded of our love anew


For the Claddagh, it stands the test of time

Eternal love, it will forever shine

In the wilds of Connemara, so divine

The Claddagh, forever in our hearts entwine.




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