Irish Poem - The Claddagh Ring


He had captured her heart
From the very start
He was quite a catch!
Would it be a match

Her feet were so cold
On the flag stones
Her fingers numb
But wool must be spun

The snow fell, t'was a
Winter from hell
The wind howled
The trees growled

What would be his fate
If he came 'calling' so late
Cautiously he stroud
Up the long road

Nervously he knocked
The door was'nt locked
The poteen flowed
The 'Claddagh' glowed

- He proposed -

She reached out
Touched his hand
He put on the
'Claddagh Band'

Poem written by Valerie Heney

The Claddagh is a beautiful ring. Many times handed down from mother to daughter.
It is a symbol of 'Love, Loyalty and Friendship'. The heart stands for love, the hands for friendship and the crown for loyalty.
If the ring is worn on the right hand with the heart facing outward and away from the body, the person wearing the ring is not in a relationship ("Their heart is open").
Worn on the right hand, heart facing the body, someone is in a relationship ("someone has captured their heart")
Worn on the left hand, heart facing outward away from the body, indicates the wearer is engaged.
Worn on the left hand, heart facing inward, towards to body indicate the wearer is married.
Whether the 'Claddagh' is given as a 'friendship ring' or wedding/engagement ring it is a ring to be treasured. Deep thought has gone into choosing a ring, with such significance.
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