Gold claddagh ring

Mid September at Irish Jewelry Design the claddagh ring workshop.

I can hardly believe we're already in the midst of September. I've begun to notice the evenings growing shorter, and there's a comforting feeling settling in as I spend time in my workshop, watching the rain cascade against the windows.

My approach is rooted in the philosophy of KaiZen, continually striving for small but meaningful improvements in my Claddagh ring designs, crafting process, and workshop equipment. This journey brings me immense joy as I meticulously organize and prepare my business for greater success.

In Dublin city, the night air is punctuated by the sound of local youngsters launching fireworks into the sky, signaling the approaching Halloween season and reminds me of my upcoming birthday.

Yet, as a Claddagh jeweler, my focus is already on the preparations for Christmas. Each year, I become more adept at organizing my workshop, and this year holds special significance for me as I'm committed to giving it my all.

My stock of jewelry ring boxes, gift packaging, and postal boxes has been delivered and neatly stored away, ready for the bustling season ahead. I'm eager and hopeful for a flurry of Claddagh ring sales.

Today, my task is to meticulously sort and order my gemstones. There's an undeniable excitement that comes with the arrival of Christmas Claddagh gemstone inventory.

Just yesterday, I crafted a new Claddagh ring that fills me with immense satisfaction. At this point, I genuinely believe I offer the most exquisite Claddagh ring designs available. While our website might not receive a massive amount of traffic, it can be frustrating to know that such beautiful creations often go unseen. Nevertheless, my optimism remains unwavering, driven by the tremendous effort poured into this Irish Jewelry website.

So, as a sneak peek, here's a glimpse of this remarkable new design.




Irish claddagh ring


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