gold claddagh ring

New claddagh ring designs.

I have been very busy in the workshop over the last few weeks. August is generally a quiet time in the claddagh jewelry workshop. Sales can be slow to arrive in. Many people are on holidays and some are preparing for their children to go back to school as the summer nears its end. Therefore its a great month to make up new claddagh ring designs. 

I have launched 10 new claddagh ring design. My particular focus has to been to create the most beautiful claddagh aesthetic shape. I wanted to capture beautiful flowing curves in the design and I have managed to achieve this. 

One of the other very import goals was value. Despite the massive cost increases in the price of raw materials of gemstones, diamonds and gold, I have managed to absorb these costs. This will only be possible to maintain if I can increase sales and capture some of the market share. Of course, as one of the last true claddagh makers, it is a real challenge to survive in the face of all the Claddagh rings which are mass produced in China and sold online by the majority of my competitors. 

As such this collection is really important to me and it is crucial that it is a success. 

Over the next few days I will do an official release blog post of the new designs

Here is a sneak peak of one of the beautiful new claddagh ring designs.

diamond cladadgh ring


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