emerald claddagh ring

New Dochas claddagh ring collection for 2019.

Im delighted to introduce the new Dochas claddagh ring collection. 

Dochas claddagh rings are ethically handcrafted in Dublin, Ireland.

The vision behind this claddagh ring collection was to create a slim and dainty look with a quality made to last. This ring measures 6.5 mm from the top of the crown to the bottom of the heart compared to the average classic plain claddagh ring which measures 12 mm. 

emerald claddagh ring


The word " Dochas " means "Hope". This is a very fitting name for this new collection launching now in January 2019. 

Claddagh rings have such positive and hopeful sentiments attached to their meaning of Love, Loyalty and friendship. 

Dochas claddagh rings feature real gemstones and diamonds including emerald, opal, sapphire and many more. 

These high quality claddagh rings are independently hallmark stamped by the Dublin Assay Office in Dublin Castle to guarantee gold purity. 

They are produced is small quantities using ethically sourced diamonds and gemstones from the most respected European gem dealers. 


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