Poem - At Rainbows End.

Poem - At Rainbows End.


This poem is written to express grief and offer solace to those who are experiencing the loss of a loved one. Through my work, I have been keenly aware of the dedications engraved on Claddagh rings, in memory of those who have passed. They are loved and will never be forgotten. Sadly I have also suffered a great loss.


At Rainbows End by IJD.


At rainbows end, where love transcends

And sorrow echoes in the breeze

I stand alone, my heart now mends

For my loved one has found their peace


The sky is gray, the clouds above

Bear witness to my silent plea

For one last glimpse, one final touch

But all that's left is a memory


Memories of laughter, love, and pain

Flicker in my mind like a flame

Guiding me through the endless rain

Till I see you again, I'll never be the same


With heavy heart and solemn tread

I place the Claddagh on their hand

A symbol of the love that never fled

Memories forever encased in golden band.


As I say my final goodbyes

I know deep down that love never dies

Our bond unbroken, till I reach the other side.

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