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Poem - The Claddagh of Moher

This poem is to remember my visit to the cliffs of Moher with my great friend.


The Claddagh of Moher by IJD.


Standing tall on the Cliffs of Moher,

Nature's majesty on full display.

The Atlantic roars below, a constant mover,

As the claddagh ring holds its sway.


The windswept grass and rugged rock,

A truly breathtaking sight to see.

The claddagh symbol, a never-ending flock,

Of love and loyalty for all to be.


The endless sky stretches far and wide,

As the claddagh stands proud and true.

A symbol of friendship that cannot be denied,

A bond that will last the whole life through.


So let us stand on the Cliffs of Moher,

And embrace the beauty that surrounds.

With the claddagh as our guiding tether,

Our love and loyalty forever resounds.

Cliffs of Moher

claddagh ring


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