claddagh ring

Poem - The tap tap of the claddagh makers hammer.

The tap tap of the claddagh makers hammer by IJD.


The tap tap of the hammer sings,

In the Claddagh maker's workshop halls.

Each sound a melody, of rings,

Of art and craft, of labor and love calls.


The metal shines, a glowing red,

As the Claddagh takes shape ahead.

Each tap a step towards completion,

A symbol of love and true devotion.


The ring is not just a trinket small,

But a representation, a symbol for all.

With hands that hold and hearts that beat,

It's a true love story ready for repeat.


So let the tap tap of the hammer ring,

As the maker works on his craft to bring,

For every tap, a love is made,

In the workshop, of the Claddagh trade. 

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