Irish claddagh ring poem - The winding road. Irish poetry.

Poem - The Winding Road

The Winding Road by IJD.


The winding road that leads me to her place,

Is lined with green, in nature's embrace.

With Claddagh ring, a symbol of love,

Guiding me home, to the one I'm thinking of.


The journey long, but thoughts of her keep me strong,

Through sun and rain, in fields of song.

With every step, my heart takes a leap,

As I near the end of this winding road,

I can almost see her sleep.


The sky is painted red and gold,

As I reach the top of the rise, and behold,

My love's warm smile, my heart's true goal,

Together again, our love will never grow old.


With Claddagh ring, upon my hand,

I'll take her in my arms, and make a stand,

Together we'll face the future bright,

Our love will always be, in our hearts, light.


As we watch the stars, that shine so clear,

We'll know that this winding road brought us here,

To our love's sweet abode, forever dear,

Together we'll stay, our hearts and Claddagh ring, forever near.

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