claddagh ring in silver and gold

Polishing a Claddagh Ring.

Today I’m working in my claddagh ring workshop. Polishing is the final process of making these beautiful historic Irish rings. 
This part of the jewelry craft requires a buffing motor. This spinning motor with its soft felt brushes are used to polish the fine gold and silver Claddagh rings to their perfect shine. 
There are different brushes used and different polishing compounds applied to the gold and silver. The final a brightest of these processes are referred to as the rouge. 
Talking my time here provides the best results. 
As I work I am checking to make sure that the right amount of pressure is applied. Too hard and you could loose important details of the Claddagh design. 
After this the Claddagh rings are placed into an ultrasonic cleaner to remove all of the polish. 
Once these beautiful Irish rings are completely cleaned they are ready to be carefully packaged and shipped all over the world.

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