Irish claddagh ring

Rogers and Holland talks about Claddagh rings.

Well know jeweller Rogers and Holland recently wrote an interesting article on the subject of the Claddagh Ring

Rogers Jewelers, a family-owned and operated business, has been in the jewelry industry since 1945. With its strong foundation, the company has expanded and acquired other successful jewelry chains. One of its significant acquisitions was Hollands Jewelers, a chain of six Chicago area stores, including prime locations such as Woodfield Mall and Water Tower Place, which helped the company officially adopt the name Rogers & Hollands Jewelers.

With more than 60 stores operating in six states, the company continues to expand, introducing new brands like Ashcroft & Oak Jewelers. This family-owned business has been recognized for its contributions to the jewelry industry, and one of its founders, Juell Friedman, was the first woman to be featured on the cover of National Jeweler Magazine and was inducted into the National Jeweler Retailer Hall of Fame. Rogers Jewelers continues to grow and expand its brand, making it a trusted name in the jewelry industry.

" If you’re Irish, or even know someone who is, you’ve likely heard of the Claddagh ring. It's a coveted piece of jewelry, worn by Irish men and women for centuries. The history behind this classic piece of jewelry proves that the Irish Claddagh is well beyond an ordinary ring. It symbolizes love, loyalty, and friendship – everything you're lucky enough to feel when you wear one! "

You can read the full article from Rogers and Holland here. 

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