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The claddagh ring and 5 other popular engagement ring.


Claddagh rings are incredible popular engagement rings, they are the timeless symbol of love loyalty and friendship and therefore are very suitable for use as wedding and engagement rings.

The Solitaire is the most popular style of engagement ring. A centre stone dominates the ring with a setting of four to six prongs to keep it in place. Solitaires are simple and elegant, and are generally keenly priced.

In recent years, the Halo style ring has enjoyed a huge level of popularity. They feature a small circle of stones around a larger centre piece, and this halo of stones is commonly diamonds although other precious gems can be used. This feature can make the centre stone look larger than it actually is.

The Vintage style ring take their cues from eras of the past and they can be vintage style (i.e. new) or antique. Art deco has all the essential elements, precise and romantic. It is a popular choice due to its straight lines and contrasting shapes and colours.

This year the three-stone style ring is due to make a comeback, it has a more favourable price range due to the fact the stones used are smaller than those in a solitaire. This allows greater choice because a variety of stones and shapes are worthy of consideration.

The Pave style ring features tiny diamonds across the band, sitting into small holes in the ring, this creates a sparkle right across the band. A lot of different ring settings are available when you choose this ring style. This can be as elaborate as desired.

claddagh ring

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