The tools of my claddagh ring workshop - The microscope.

Today I use the ancient techniques of jewelry craft to make my real claddagh rings.

However to achieve the high quality of my products today, I have also introduced some cutting edge modern tools to aid me in my craft. I have put together an article listing some of my tools and equipment from the ancient to the most modern.

I'm going to start with my favorite - THE STEREO BOOM MICROSCOPE.

Stereo boom microscopes, also known as binocular boom microscopes, are specialized microscopes designed for use in a variety of fields, including jewelry making and craftsmanship. These microscopes are characterized by their ability to provide high-resolution, three-dimensional images of small objects, making them ideal for use in jewelry design and manufacture.

One of the main advantages of stereo boom microscopes is their versatility. With their adjustable boom arms, these microscopes can be positioned at any angle, allowing the user to easily view and manipulate small objects from a variety of different perspectives. This is particularly useful in jewelry making, where the ability to see intricate details is critical.

In addition to their versatility, stereo boom microscopes also offer a number of other benefits for jewelry craftspeople. For example, many models are equipped with built-in light sources, which can be adjusted to provide the optimal amount of illumination for any given task. This is especially useful when working with small, delicate components, as it allows the user to see even the smallest details clearly.

Another important feature of stereo boom microscopes is their high level of magnification. Many models offer magnifications of up to 200x, making it possible to see even the smallest details with incredible clarity. This is especially important in jewelry making, where precise measurements and careful attention to detail are critical.

Overall, stereo boom microscopes have greatly improved the field of jewelry craft by providing a versatile and highly accurate tool for viewing and manipulating small objects. By allowing users to see intricate details with incredible clarity, these microscopes have made it possible for jewelry makers to create beautiful and intricate pieces with unprecedented precision.

Such a microscope really opens the door to a new level of craft. Specifically it also for the modern technique of micropave diamond setting into the claddagh rings. 

Micropave diamond setting is a technique used to set small diamonds or gemstones in a piece of jewelry using a microscope. The technique involves using a very small drill or burr to create microscopic holes in the metal setting, into which the diamonds or gemstones are then placed. The diamonds or gemstones are then held in place using a special adhesive, and the setting is polished to create a seamless, high-quality finish.

One of the main advantages of micropave diamond setting is that it allows for the creation of intricate, detailed designs that would be impossible to achieve using traditional setting techniques. Because the diamonds or gemstones are held in place using a microscopic adhesive, they can be placed much closer together than with traditional setting techniques, resulting in a denser, more detailed design.

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