Claddagh Ring

The finest authentic claddagh ring, all our jewelry is handcrafted to highest standards in our workshop in Dame House, Dame Street, Dublin Ireland. We handcraft the highest quality claddagh rings

Claddagh rings are our specialty. We select the finest gems and all of our gold rings are independently examined and hallmarked by the Dublin assay office to guarantee gold purity. 

We can also customize our claddagh rings for you, so if you need a special gemstone or engraving, please contact us. 

We specialize in diamond claddagh rings and have some beautiful dainty diamond claddagh. Also we pride ourselves in our opal claddagh rings. We craft claddagh in all gemstones including emerald, opal, moonstone, turquoise, ruby, sapphire and many more. I hope our love for claddagh rings will be evident from our website. 

We are also active on instagram and facebook where we often share behind the scenes pictures of our authentic rings being crafted.