Celtic necklace, silver Irish celtic necklace, Irish shamrock.

Irish Jewelry Design


Celtic necklace, silver Irish celtic necklace.

Handcrafted in our workshop in Dublin, Ireland. 

Available in 18 or 20 inch chain.

Delivered inside a jewelry gift box.


Finely crafted pierced sterling silver in this traditional symbolic necklace.

A shamrock is used as a symbol of Ireland.

The name shamrock comes from gealic " seamróg " which is the  Irish word for clover.

Throughout the nineteenth century the popularity of the shamrock as the symbol of Ireland grew widely. It was used in many illustrations on items such as book covers and St. Patrick's Day postcards. It was also mentioned in many songs and ballads of the time. But its historic associating with Ireland can be traced well past the 18th century.

The shamrock was a symbol which was closely associated with St Patrick. It can be seen as an emblem of many Irish organizations to this day.

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