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Claddagh ring

Claddagh ring, Gents silver Claddagh ring, heavy weight. King Claddagh

Claddagh ring, Gents silver Claddagh ring, heavy weight. King Claddagh

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 The King Claddagh

Heavy weight Gents silver Irish celtic claddagh ring.

Handcrafted in our Dublin studio in Ireland.

Available in US sizes 7 up to 12.

This incredible claddagh ring measures 20mm from the top of the crown to the bottom of the heart.

Bold and beautiful, this Celtic jewelry will be cherished for years to come.



The King claddagh is a very impressive mens claddagh ring. This Claddagh features the largest heart and an impressive quality high polished finish. With its large size this claddagh is a real statement piece.

There exist many stories about the origins of the claddagh ring, particularly concerning Richard Joyce, a silversmith from Ireland circa 1700, who is said to have invented the Claddagh design as we currently know it today. The story goes that Joyce was captured and enslaved by Algerian Corsairs around 1675 while on a passage to the West Indies; he was sold into slavery to a Moorish goldsmith who taught him the craft 


All our claddagh ring are made from real precious metals. Our metals and gemstones are ethically sourced.


Claddagh ring

Real claddagh ring crafted in Ireland. Free shipping to US, UK and EU.

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