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Claddagh ring

Claddagh ring with opal and diamond crown.

Claddagh ring with opal and diamond crown.

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Unveil a realm where elegance intertwines with legacy, where opal's celestial whispers converge with diamond's eternal spark. Step into the world of our Opal and Diamond Claddagh Ring – a symphony meticulously handcrafted in the heart of Ireland, born not just from skill but from the depths of tradition.

An Echo of Dimensions

From crown to heart, 7.9mm of emotion resonates – a depth as profound as the oceans and aspirations as boundless as the heavens. The band, a mere 2.6mm, balances the ethereal with the resolute, a whisper of strength in delicate design.

Craftsmanship Entwined with Heritage

Emerging like a lighthouse from Ireland's very soul, this creation is homage to artisans past and present. In its curves lies not just metal and stone, but echoes of love woven through time – the essence of the Claddagh symbol.

Your Expression, Your Choice

Opt for 14K yellow, rose, or white gold – a reflection of your journey, adorned with the glimmer of opals and diamonds. In this choice, your story is etched in every facet.

A Perfect Fit for You

From the daintiest fingers to the boldest, this isn't just a ring; it's your essence externalized. The Opal and Diamond Claddagh Ring becomes the embodiment of your identity.

Ethical Luminescence in Every Gem

Luxury intertwines seamlessly with virtue. Born from recycled metals, adorned with ethically sourced opals and diamonds, this ring carries the legacy of your character, values, and taste.

A Crown of Dreams and Unity

Opal and diamond intertwine on the crown, signifying unity amidst individuality. Like the waves that connect distant shores, this union is an interplay of dreams, forged through time and space.

A World of Beauty, a Voyage of Joy

Geography is a trivial boundary to this symbol of connection. With worldwide shipping and complimentary delivery to the USA and EU, this treasure embarks on a journey without borders.

Our Pledge, Your Assurance

We stand unwavering in our commitment to your satisfaction. A 60-day return policy mirrors our confidence that the Opal and Diamond Claddagh Ring will amplify your inner brilliance.

Elegance, Craftsmanship, and Beyond

This isn't just a ring; it's a homage to enduring love and cherished bonds. It's an invitation to embrace tradition and elegance, to be enchanted by its timeless glow.


All our claddagh ring are made from real precious metals. Our metals and gemstones are ethically sourced.


Claddagh ring

Real claddagh ring crafted in Ireland. Free shipping to US, UK and EU.

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