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Claddagh ring

Opal claddagh ring and matching stone set band.

Opal claddagh ring and matching stone set band.

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Welcome to our online store, where you'll discover an exquisite collection of Irish rings and jewelry that will captivate your heart and bring a touch of Celtic magic into your life. As an SEO and e-commerce expert, I understand the importance of highlighting our key features, including reliable shipping with tracking numbers, worldwide shipping, free shipping to the EU and USA, a full range of finger sizes, and our commitment to using recycled precious metals and ethically sourced gems. Now, let's dive into the irresistible allure of our Real Opal Claddagh Ring.

Indulge yourself in the splendor of our Real Opal Claddagh Ring, a true testament to Irish craftsmanship and timeless elegance. Handcrafted in our workshop located in the heart of Dublin, Ireland, this exquisite piece is a celebration of the rich heritage and tradition behind the Claddagh ring.

Crafted with precision and meticulous attention to detail, our Opal Claddagh Ring showcases premium quality sterling silver, reflecting our commitment to delivering jewelry of the highest caliber. Our skilled artisans ensure that each gemstone, including the sparkling cubic zirconia that adorns the matching band, is securely set in place, guaranteeing its longevity and radiance.

Measuring 12mm from the top of the crown to the bottom of the heart, this opal claddagh ring is an embodiment of elegance and sophistication. The back of the band, measuring 2.7mm wide, offers both comfort and durability, ensuring a seamless fit that will stand the test of time.

At the heart of this enchanting ring lies a magnificent heart-shaped opal, measuring 6mm. Known for its captivating play of colors and ethereal beauty, the opal adds a touch of allure and mystique to the overall design. With its iridescent hues dancing and shimmering with every movement, the opal becomes a stunning focal point, symbolizing love, loyalty, and friendship.

To cater to your individual preferences and ensure the perfect fit, our Real Opal Claddagh Ring is available in a full range of finger sizes. We believe that everyone deserves to wear a piece of jewelry that resonates with their unique style and personality.

Each opal claddagh ring is lovingly delivered inside a beautiful gift box, adding an extra touch of luxury and anticipation to your unboxing experience. Whether you're treating yourself or searching for the perfect gift for a loved one, our packaging is designed to enhance the joy and excitement of receiving a piece of cherished Irish jewelry.

We understand that prompt and reliable shipping is of utmost importance to our valued customers. That's why we offer fast and dependable international shipping, ensuring that your Real Opal Claddagh Ring arrives at your doorstep in a timely manner. With our tracking numbers provided, you can easily monitor the progress of your package and experience peace of mind throughout the shipping process.

As an environmentally conscious brand, we are proud to use recycled precious metals in the creation of our jewelry. By choosing our Real Opal Claddagh Ring, you are not only adorning yourself with a stunning piece of artistry but also contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Furthermore, we prioritize the ethical sourcing of our gems, including the opal featured in this exquisite claddagh ring. We believe in supporting responsible practices that uphold the welfare of both the environment and the communities involved in the gemstone industry.

In summary, our Real Opal Claddagh Ring combines the finest materials, impeccable craftsmanship, and profound symbolism. With its premium quality sterling silver, stunning opal centerpiece, and sparkling cubic zirconia band, this piece exudes elegance and grace.

Embrace the spirit of Ireland and the timeless beauty of the Claddagh ring. Order your Real Opal Claddagh Ring today and experience the joy of owning 

a truly exceptional piece of Irish jewelry. Whether you wear it as a symbol of love, loyalty, and friendship or simply as a stunning accessory, this opal claddagh ring is sure to become a cherished heirloom that tells a story of beauty and tradition.

With our commitment to customer satisfaction, we strive to provide an exceptional shopping experience. Should you have any questions or need assistance, our friendly customer support team is always here to help. We want you to feel confident and excited about your purchase, knowing that you are investing in a piece of jewelry that is crafted with passion and designed to last a lifetime.

So, immerse yourself in the captivating world of Irish jewelry and discover the magic of our Real Opal Claddagh Ring. With its premium quality, handcrafted design, attention to detail, and commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing, this piece truly embodies the spirit of Ireland.

Experience the joy of owning a piece of authentic Irish jewelry that combines tradition, elegance, and symbolism. Order your Real Opal Claddagh Ring today and let it become a cherished symbol of love and connection, carrying with it the legacy of the Claddagh for generations to come.



All our claddagh ring are made from real precious metals. Our metals and gemstones are ethically sourced.


Real claddagh ring crafted in Ireland. Free shipping to US, UK and EU.

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